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colleen-promoI have been a registered nurse since 1993 and am currently a nurse practitioner. In 1994 I developed and patented ScopeCoat the original stethoscope cover. I was a licensed massage therapist for 13 years and although I hung up my massage shingle to pursue a path as a nurse practitioner, my entrepreneurial passion is still ignited to help people succeed.

In my massage hay day, I was a certified LaStone Therapy instructor, and I taught numerous workshops throughout the United States including, LaStone Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, as well as three classes I developed: Million Dollar Foot Massage, Million Dollar Massage and Essential Tapping Method – a technique using EFT and essential oils.

I presented Million Dollar Foot Massage ™ at the 2013 World Massage Conference and in September 2017 Million Dollar Foot Massage was featured at the 2017 AMTA annual conference in Pasadena, CA .

As a holistic thinker and practitioner, I’m attracted to alternative therapies. In 2009 I was introduced to Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, a non-conventional, non-invasive method to relieve allergies. I had a successful practice in Lexington, MA from 2010 -2014 helping folks reduce the physical symptoms of allergies.
I’ve been told I’m a professional student. Over the course of 17 years I was in school for an associate’s, bachelor’s, and finally a master’s degree in nursing. I became licensed in massage therapy, and learned numerous modalities such as La Stone and Raindrop Therapy as mentioned above, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, foot reflexology and aromatherapy.

I’m pretty sure I’ve reached the pinnacle of formal education and am being called back to the world of massage therapy, an industry that I really love and have great respect for.

My extensive experience in the massage field has culminated in the development of Million Dollar Foot Massage ™, a training video featuring over 30 conventional and original techniques just for the feet. My other signature product is BreastRest ™, the most comfortable and functional massage table pad on the planet!

I would love to share these exciting massage tools with you. Please view my short videos below and click the BUY NOW button to purchase Million Dollar Foot Massage ™.

Cheers to your success, I would love to hear from you!

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