Let’s Talk About Feet: Part 1

So let’s talk about our feet. Our feet are one of the most overlooked parts of our body. Yet even if we are usually unaware of what our feet do for us throughout the day, our feet do great things! There’s a reason we say “I need to put my feet up” after a long day! These important extremities of ours do a lot of work and, even though our feet literally carry the rest of our body, we tend to neglect our feet. In the short first part of our two part series about feet we will delve in to what our feet are made of and why they are important.

dorsal view of foot

Dorsal view of the right foot, showing major muscles, tendons, and nerves. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

So why are the feet important? The human feet contains 26 bones-that’s over a quarter of the bones in the human body! On top of that, our feet contain hundreds of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. To have so many parts, that has to tell us something about the importance of feet. So what do our feet do? Our feet get us to point A to point B. Through rain, shine or snow, through any terrain, any speed and motion. Our feet take the brunt of the rest of our body’s weight and effects of gravity, endure the countless hours we task them to take us to our destinations, and quietly forgive us as we wear all sorts of shoes that may be too tight and constricting.


Usually, our feet take their beatings in stride but every now and again they have no choice but to let us know they are in discomfort and demand some TLC. Have you ever gotten a pedicure and they massage your feet? It feels so good (albiet sometimes ticklish)! And half the time we do not even realize the sensitive pressure points until they are pressed. There are other times though that our feet sound the alarm and let us know they are not happy with us by aching, cramping and swelling.

Did you know there are 15 pressure points in the feet? The feet not only do, well what feet do, they are also the gateway for pain relief, tension-release and well-being for other parts of the body through the use of reflexology.

So why should we take care of the feet? The answer is, why not? We take care of our hair by shampooing and conditioning it. We take care of our skin by moisturizing it. We take care of the internal parts of our bodies by eating healthy foods, taking the right supplements, exercising and taking ourselves to the doctor when needed. Taking care of the feet should also be in our priorities and we can reap the benefits of doing so. Not only will your feet thank you for a little TLC, they rest of your body will too!

We will dive into how to give our feet some TLC in our next part of this series but here are a few things we can do to help our feet out: First, we need to simply increase our awareness and acknowledge all the hard work our feet do for us. Taking care of the nails of the feet, moisturizing and polishing when needed, knowing what shoes we need to wear to support our feet are a few simple ways we can show our feet some gratitude.

Of course, just like how the rest of our body loves massages, so do our feet! Foot massages can release tension and stress in the feet and the rest of the body, release those “feel good” chemicals in our brains and be an overall physical, mental and even spiritual healing session. If the eyes are the gateway to the soul, the feet can be considered the gateway to the overall well-being of our bodies. Can’t wait for part two to learn about foot massages? Want to learn how to give incredible foot massages? Consider our 30 minute instructional video that shows over 30 techniques, both conventional and original all for the feet! CLICK HERE to learn more!


Stay tuned for part two of our “Let’s Talk About Feet” series as we discuss different ways to take care of your feet and show them some tender love and care!


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