Let’s Talk About Feet: Part Two

Welcome to part two of our two part series revolving around feet. Our previous article was all about what our feet do for us. If you missed it and want to catch up, you can find it here.

Our next and final part of this series will go over common ailments of the feet as well as some great ways to take care of the parts of our body that literally carry us through life.

As always, please read our Medical Disclaimer.


Typical Feet Ailments

Let’s get started! First, feet ailments. Before we can properly care for our feet, we will review some typical ailments our feet might find themselves plagued with. We won’t go into treatments of these ailments or show any potentially disturbing photos, but we will brielfy summize some feet problems we might encounter in our lives. Besides the typical soreness and mild swelling from over-use, our feet can also deal with these ailments found below.

Athletes Foot (Tinea Pedis):

Contrary to its name, you do not have to be an athlete to get athletes foot. Athletes foot is a type of fungus growth that likes warm and sweaty places. Hence, the feet can become perfect breeding grounds for this nasty fungus. Athletes foot causes an itchy, sometimes burning rash that is white with red underneath. It can also cause cracking, peeling, and crumbly toenails. Not fun!

Toenail Fungus:

Fungus can be caused by a variety of things-from tight ill-fitting shoes, walking through a locker room barefoot, and chronic conditions. Fungus issues are unsightly; giving the toenails a yellow tint and can deform the nail and even spread to other toenails or fingernails.


Bunions can be caused by many different of things as well, such as too tight shoes, and can also be hereditary. Bunions occur when the big toe joint turns in and can be painful, usually requiring surgery to fix.

Calluses and Corns:

These tough dead skin formations can occur at the top of the toes, between the toes, and the sides and balls of the feet. Calluses and corns can develop from excessive rubbing of the feet against other bone or shoes. Calluses and corns usually can be treated with moleskin to keep them from continuing to rub. You can also visit to your podiatrist or GP. 


Blisters are one of those absolutely annoying pains-like stubbing your toe or a paper cut. When you jump in the shower though-oh boy! It’s like you can’t move your whole foot! Blisters can affect all parts of the feet but are usually focused on the back of the heel or sides of the toes. These bubbles of clear liquid make walking difficult and are one of the most common foot ailments caused by ill-fitting or tight shoes.


Hammertoe occurs, once again, from ill-fitting shoes. Hammertoe happens when toes get bent in one position for too long and then stay that way, causing pain and discomfort. Toes can awkwardly cross other toes, bend in an odd angle and bend in the middle of the toe joint. Calluses and corns usually follow. Usually surgery is needed to rectify the issue.


There are other ailments that the feet can aquire-like gout, diabetic neuropathy, heel spurs, plantar faciitis and more. Each ailment would require different treatments and some require a visit to your doctor. This post won’t go into the different treatment methods but rather what we can do day to day to help prevent many of these problems from cropping up in the first place. We want to keep our feet feeling their best! And besides preventative care, our feet deserve a little pampering here and there as well!

foot ailments

Care for Our Feet

So what can we do to take care of our feet? Here are some easy ways we can show our feet we care about them and appreciate all they do for us. Many of these things do not take that much time out of our days and since our feet are important, they should get the TLC they deserve! Here is a great and quick foot routine that can be added to your already normal routine. Some of it you may already do!

Wash your feet regularly

This may seem obvious, but many of us are guilty (myself included!) of neglecting washing our feet when in the shower! Sometimes I think “eh, the soap is running down to my feet, they’ll be alright!” Nope! Really what we need to be doing is taking the two minutes to put a washcloth, poof, or loofa to our feet-focusing on the heels, tops and between the toes. After a good wash make sure to dry your feet thoroughly. Remember, fungus likes warm, wet and dark enviroments. Limiting the wet part is key to preventing nasties from beginning to dwell on our feet!

Cut your toenails regularly

Long toenails can become an issue as they can curl under or even into the skin and can jam against the edge of our shoes. Be careful not to cut your toenails too short though and make sure to file any edges. Too short toenails can be just as detrimental as long toenails, causing the skin to fold over. This cause ingrown toenails which is definitely not a fun time.

Moisturize and file

After washing our feet thoroughly and cutting our toenails if needed, make sure you file the nails so there are no sharp edges. Then moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Any normal lotion can work or you can get a special foot cream made specifically for your feet to help soften calluses and the heels and nourish the toenails.

Wear the Right Shoes

Let’s be honest, due to either style or need, we tend to wear the wrong shoes for our feet sometimes. Maybe you have to wear or like to wear heels for work or maybe you want to wear those nice shoes you found on sale and they are only a half size too small. However, it is important we wear the right shoes as much as possible. Wearing steel-toed shoes when working in construction areas or areas where danger to are feet is present is important. Wearing the right sized shoes for the right enviroment is paramount for healthy feet. Many times you may be one size in one type of shoe but another size in a different brand. Sometimes we have one foot that is bigger than the other. Our feet also come in different widths. Knowing the correct size of our feet and getting shoes that are comfortable (but still stylish!) that let our feet breathe and have adequate space is great preventative care for a vast amount of ailments discussed above.

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Other Things We Can Do For our Feet

Have a little bit more time on your hands (or feet 😉 The things listed above are things we should be doing regularly, but what about a little bit of TLC for our feet?

Foot Soak

Great for a relaxing night or if your feet feel a little tired, sore, or swollen; a foot soak can be a relaxing experience for your whole body! You can even make it romantic and have a foot soak with your partner or have a fun pedicure girl/guyfriends night! 🙂 You can find a great recipe online for a foot soak, from vinegar soaks to epsom salt soaks. A great addition to a nice warm foot soak is to add a few drops of essential oil. Young Living Essential Oils do lovely essential oils in all scents-from pepperment to lemongrass. Feel free to take a look here!


You can get the whole experience if you take a weekly or monthly pedicare expedition. Look in your area for great reviewed salons that do pedicures. Pedicures usually include a foot soak, exfoliation, short massage of the feet and calfs, and toenail care. Pick out a great color to match the season, holiday, or your mood!

Foot Massage

Another super way to pamper your feet is a great foot massage. Foot massages can help relieve tight and sore muscles and offer stress relief throughout the whole body. The best thing is you can perform a great foot massage on your friend or partner with the proper instruction. Want to impress your friends, family, or partner with the best foot massage of their lives? Check out our exclusive Million Dollar Foot Massage-a thirty minute training video featuring convential and original techniques all for the feet. Most of us don’t know the best way to give massages and this video is a great way for you to go from amateur to expert in the foot massage department! You can read more about it  here or purchase it for an immediate download below!

Though short article on different feet ailments and ways to take care of your feet, we hope it was educational and enlightening on how important our feet are and how important it is to take care of them.  That’s it for our part two of “Let’s Talk About Feet”! Do you have any first hand experience with feet ailments of have any alternative methods you like to do to take care of your feet?


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