Million Dollar Foot Massage™

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Success can be measured in FEET with Million Dollar Foot Massage™

M – Million Dollar Foot Massage ™ has over 30 techniques, tips and stretches just for the feet, both supine and prone. Million Dollar Foot Massage ™ doesn’t cost a million but your clients will feel like a million – it’s that good!

D – Dream BIG. Your practice can earn an extra $20,000 or more per year by adding Million Dollar Foot Massage ™ to your menu of services.

F – Feet? Yup – that’s where the money is! Who knew? Most people love a good foot massage. After their first Million Dollar Foot Massage ™ they’ll be asking for it by name!

M – Money! OK, let’s lay it on the table (the massage table of course!)… A massage therapist, no matter how good can sometimes have difficulties keeping calendars full and funds rolling in. Million Dollar Foot Massage™ is the therapy that will keep your schedule booked.

Say YES to new possibilities.